Pangolin London

Sculpture Showcase

Sculpture Showcase

29th division by steve hurst

Steve Hurst

29th Division, 1997

concertina royale by john hoskin

John Hoskin

Concertina Royale, 1964

knight’s gambit by bruce beasley

Bruce Beasley

Knight’s Gambit, 1991

warrior by geoffrey clarke

Geoffrey Clarke

Warrior, 1956

two troughs and flat bar by geoffrey clarke

Geoffrey Clarke

Two Troughs and Flat Bar, 1964

cs 6-10 maquettes by briony marshall

Briony Marshall

CS 6-10 Maquettes

Friday, January 10, 2014Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kings Place
London, United Kingdom

A group exhibition showing the very best of Pangolin London artists.

This dramatic show features a variety of large-scale pieces by the gallery’s staple artists Kenneth Armitage RA, Ralph Brown RA, Jon Buck, Ann Christopher RA, Geoffrey Clarke RA, Terence Coventry and Merete Rasmussen among others, demonstrating the variety and quality of work produced by the artists the gallery represents.