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Ann Christopher 'Marks on the Edge of Space'

Ann Christopher 'Marks on the Edge of Space'

silent light -2 by ann christopher

Ann Christopher

Silent Light -2

split shadow by ann christopher

Ann Christopher

Split Shadow

the dark is equal to the light by ann christopher

Ann Christopher

The Dark Is Equal To The Light

marks on the edge of space - 1 by ann christopher

Ann Christopher

Marks on The Edge of Space - 1

marks on the edge of space - 2 by ann christopher

Ann Christopher

Marks on The Edge of Space - 2

in search of light -2 by ann christopher

Ann Christopher

In Search of Light -2

Wednesday, October 27, 2010Saturday, December 4, 2010

London, United Kingdom

‘Marks on the Edge of Space’, the latest collection from Royal Academician Ann Christopher, is an exciting body of elegant and intricate works; new bronzes, works on paper, translucent resins and silvers, one of which is an exquisite ‘body sculpture’ specially conceived for this show and at a price exclusive to it. The power behind Christopher’s work comes from their mysterious abstract presence and haunting character where the shadows cast by the sculptures have an identity of their own and bring an important dimension to the concept of the image.

The title of the exhibition; Marks on the Edge of Space, stems from a collection of twelve drawings central to this show. “Christopher regards drawn and sculptural work as indissoluble parts of the same enterprise. Moreover, her use of cut paper – attached to these drawings yet at the same time curving out and away – makes us appreciate just how sculptural its presence can be” (Richard Cork). The overall experience of this exhibition will blur the boundaries of both drawn and sculptural work.

Finding stimulus and fascination in a broad range of sources in the visual and natural world, Christopher draws inspiration from ancient standing stones, soaring skyscrapers and urban skyline, the landscapes of construction sites and industrial wasteland as well as the skeletal remains of animals and the organic growth structures of plants, seed pods and shells.

Christopher’s work is recognisable for its intimate attention to detail, its meticulous and precise treatment of surface texture whilst below the subtle surfaces and slender forms of all her sculptures, be it bronze, steel or silver lie in great presence, strength and power.

This exhibition at Pangolin London will be Christopher’s first major solo show since her exhibition at the Royal Academy in 2008. Christopher’s public and private commissions can be found across the globe and her work is held in numerous public collections. A fully illustrated catalogue will accompany the exhibition, with a comprehensive essay by writer and art critic Richard Cork.

Ann Christopher will be talking about her exhibition and work in general as part of the Talking Art Series at Kings Place on Monday 22nd November.

Ann Christopher is available for interviews.

For further information contact:
Georgina Trower: 020 7520 1480