Pools of Light

Pools of Light

Saturday, June 8, 2013Monday, June 17, 2013

153 NW 24th Street
Miami, FL 33127 USA

Oxenberg Fine Art celebrates the summer season with a selection of prints featuring water in its myriad forms. “Pools of Light” opened June 8, with a June 13 reception and guided tour. On Wednesday, June 17, at 7 pm, Miami-based Brazilian photographer Cesar Barroso will share some of the techniques he uses for shooting landscapes and urban oceanfront scenes.

The group exhibition explores human interaction with this essential element and its manifestations in both natural and manmade settings. The trademark beach scenes of Massimo Vitali depict the masses at play. Crowds dotting the sands of Coney Island become abstract constellations when viewed from high above by Vincent Laforet. Sunbathers on St. Maarten seem undisturbed by the jet airliners taking off and landing mere feet above their heads in an unusual juxtaposition glimpsed by Josef Hoflehner.

More rarefied poolside milieus captured the attention of Slim Aarons, iconic chronicler of the American elite at leisure. Damion Berger submerges his lens to snap children swimming with hula hoops in a sun-dappled Monaco pool.

David Drebin and Kevin Cooley frame solitary women with urban riverfronts at night. Streetlights reflected on dark water heighten the drama of their subjects’ inscrutable poses for a captivating air of mystery.

Carole A. Feuerman, best known for her hyper-realist sculptures of swimmers, silhouettes a bather in the silkscreen Shower on a canvas glittering with diamond dust. Yet no figures disturb the peaceful seascapes of EJ Camp, an unseen witness to waves rolling ashore under the celebrated northern light of the Hamptons coastline.

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