are they catholic? by federico correa

Federico Correa

Are they Catholic?, 2014

15,000 USD

portrait of young chicano artist as a blonde with lipstick by federico correa

Federico Correa

Portrait of Young Chicano Artist as a Blonde with Lipstick, 2014

15,000 USD

marie therese i by maggie genova-cordovi

Maggie Genova-Cordovi

Marie Therese I, 2014

1,295 USD

l’equilibrista by fernando vignoli

Fernando Vignoli


Price on Request

nowe miastro by frank stella

Frank Stella

Nowe Miastro, 1975

Price on Request

cabeza de mujer sin mono by javier marin

Javier Marin

Cabeza de Mujer sin Mono, 2008

Price on Request

new york in spring by jack pierson

Jack Pierson

New York in Spring, 1997

Price on Request

untitled (duke ellington) v by robert graham

Robert Graham

Untitled (Duke Ellington) V, 1989

Price on Request

garda look (verona, italy) by massimo vitali

Massimo Vitali

Garda Look (Verona, Italy)

Price on Request

homage to jackson pollock by volker kühn

Volker Kühn

Homage to Jackson Pollock, 2010

Price on Request

haggay by boaz vaadia

Boaz Vaadia

Haggay, 1986

Price on Request

materialist by wang guangyi

Wang Guangyi

Materialist, 2002

Price on Request

mardi gras by marilyn minter

Marilyn Minter

Mardi Gras, 2007

Price on Request

drawing for dream of life by elizabeth murray

Elizabeth Murray

Drawing for Dream of Life, 1988

Price on Request

the instant decorator by laurie simmons

Laurie Simmons

The Instant Decorator, 2004

Price on Request

dracula (caviar monsters) by vik muniz

Vik Muniz

Dracula (Caviar Monsters), 2004

Price on Request