'Peace from the bottom of my art' (Opera Gallery London)

'Peace from the bottom of my art' (Opera Gallery London)

Friday, April 26, 2013Thursday, May 9, 2013

London, United Kingdom

From the 26th April, Opera Gallery London presents the exhibition of Iranian art ‘PEACE FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY ART’ bringing together a prominent selection of contemporary and internationally renowned artists including Parviz Tanavoli, Koorosh Shishegaran, Nasrollah Afjei and Ahmad Morshedloo.

This extraordinary show offers an insight into each of the artists' interpretation of Peace, with selected works of art from a variety of established artists as well as upcoming artists such as Mojtaba Ramzi, Negar Varasteh and Shima Esfandyari.

The showcase will include highlights from Farsad Labbauf to iconic Iranian abstract artist Koorosh Shishegaran, known for his ‘life like’ three-dimensional work and for being one of the most expressive artists of the contemporary Iranian art movement; and to internationally renowned painter and sculptor Parviz Tanavoli whose works have been displayed at museums and venues across the globe including the British Museum, the New York Metropolitan Museum and Seoul's Olympic Park.

The exhibition will showcase a variety of mediums ranging from photography, sculpture, paint and installations all encompassing a common theme with Peace at the heart of them.