Blek le Rat (Opera Gallery London)

Blek le Rat (Opera Gallery London)

Friday, April 27, 2012Friday, May 18, 2012

London, United Kingdom

In 2008, Blek le Rat came to London for a talk at Tate Modern, which was then launching an immense street art exhibition.
It was then that we had the chance to meet him and consider collaboration between the founding father of stencil art and Opera Gallery.

Xavier Prou - aka Blek le Rat - showed enough trust and faith in us to go ahead with this collaboration and 4 years later the relationship between Opera Gallery and the Paris-based legendary street artist has never been stronger: he is shown in all 12 galleries of the group around the world and is one of Opera Gallery’s most successful artists.

His position is remarkable in every area of the world where he is present: the collectors and the public know Blek le Rat’s work and they consider him as the Father of street art.

Nowadays, it appears absolutely undeniable that Blek le Rat has gained the recognition he deserves after decades of unstinting devotion to the arts in the streets. We are proud to be finally bringing him back to the UK in the occasion of this exceptional exhibition.