Sui Jianguo

(Chinese, b. 1956)

veste de mao by sui jianguo

Sui Jianguo

Veste de Mao

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Born in Qingdao, Shandong Province
Graduated from the Fine Arts Department, Shandong Institute of Fine Arts
1989 - 1997
Associate Professor, Sculpture Department, CAFA
Graduated from the Sculpture Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) Beijing
UNESCO - Aschberg International Foundation for the Promotion of Culture
Victoria College of Arts, Melbourne University Travel Grant for Young Asian Scholars
Teaching at Ensba, Paris as a Guest Professor three months
Currently lives in Bejing, China / Vit à Beijing (Chine).
Director of the Sculpture Department for the Académie des Beaux Arts. It is thanks to him that abstract and conceptual sculpture have been accepted by the chinese authorities. Surpassing China's borders, he is probably one of the most promising sculptures of the 21st century.The red dinosaur – a symbol of imperialist China, like communist China- with the engraved door on the chest mentions ‘Made in China’; it is a glance toward plastic toys from the start of the Chinese economic flight, but definitely a powerful symbol of an antiquated China moving toward being contemporary.
Throughout the 1960s, everything was 'Made in Japan', in the 1970s 'Made in Taiwan', and in the 1980s 'Made in China'. The fabrication of finished products based on models and imported raw materials has become the economic norm of emerging countries. This economic international capitalistic model has helped to accelerate stimulating an economic transformation of an archaic and impoverished China. The transplantation of the ‘Consumer Culture’ at such an astronomical scale from the chinese population has made China the biggest unknown in the world’ Proposed by Sui Jianguo, extract from the exhibition catalogue ‘Paris-Pékin’, Espace Pierre Cardin, October 5-28, 2002.


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