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Member Galleries The Michael Thomas Collection
Marjorie Virginia Strider
Daphodilles on Blue
The Michael Thomas Collection

Member Galleries Galerie Jeanne
Damien Hirst
Galerie Jeanne

Member Galleries Galerie Brugier Rigail
Claude Viallat
Monotype sur papier
Galerie Brugier Rigail

Member Galleries Expression Galleries of Fine Art
Marc Chagall
The Wine Harvest
Expression Galleries of Fine Art

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New Gallery Members
 Ex Oriente Lux (XOL) Art Gallery, Baltimore, MD, USA
 Pop Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA, USA
 Acquisitions of Fine Art, Hinsdale, IL, USA
 ArtN Space, Shanghai, China
 asart, Bangkok, Thailand; Norwich, United Kingdom
 Galleri Charlotte Lund, Stockholm, Sweden
 Constantine Lindsay Ltd, London, United Kingdom
 De Re Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA
 Galerie Dennis Rackey, Bad Honnef, Germany
 Expression Galleries of Fine Art, Chicago, Hinsdale, IL, USA
 Fine Art Mia, Miami, FL, New York, NY, USA; London, United Kingdom
 Galerie Brugier Rigail, Paris, France
 Gallerie Sparta, West Hollywood, CA, USA
 Gitana Rosa Gallery, New York, NY, USA
 Galerie Jeanne, Munich, Germany
 William A. Karges Fine Art, Beverly Hills, Carmel, CA, USA
 Kent Fine Art, LLC, New York, NY, USA
 Edward Kurstak, Seminole, FL, USA
 Lilford Gallery, Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom
 Lincoln Townley, Lutterworth, United Kingdom
 MAAB Gallery, Milan, Padova, Italy
 McGowan Fine Art, Concord, NH, USA
 MDZ Art Gallery, Knokke, Belgium
 Mead Carney, London, United Kingdom
 Opiom Gallery, Opio, France
 pop/off/art gallery Moscow-Berlin, Moscow, Russian Federation; Berlin, Germany
 René Schmitt Druckgraphik, Westoverledingen, Germany
 Revolver Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA, USA
 Richard Saltoun Gallery, London, United Kingdom
 Select Fine Art, Palm Beach, FL, USA
 SIXTY ONE GALLERY, Amstelveen, The Netherlands
 Gary Snyder Fine Art, New York, NY, USA
 Spinello Projects, Miami, FL, USA
 Sun Liangang Art Center, New York, NY, USA
 The Cob Gallery, London, United Kingdom
 The Michael Thomas Collection, Morristown, NJ, USA
 The Tolman Collection London, London, United Kingdom
 Anders Wahlstedt Fine Art, New York, NY, USA
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"I wanted to let you know how great it has been for me working with your staff. They are so helpful and ALWAYS do things right away...incredibly efficient, considerate and always upbeat. I've gotten so many compliments from the artnet site, and just sold a painting to a collector in South Dakota who saw it online. I probably sell at least one painting a month from the site. It is also a great selling tool for people to look at upcoming exhibitions online in advance or during a show."

-Susan Powell, Susan Powell Fine Art