Nancy Hoffman Gallery

isabella by timothy cummings

Timothy Cummings

isabella, 2013

queen anne's lace by carolyn brady

Carolyn Brady

Queen Anne's Lace, 1982

the dinner, also junk eating by viola frey

Viola Frey

The Dinner, also Junk Eating, 1978–1979

dragonfly by frank owen

Frank Owen

Dragonfly, 2013

equal rights amendment (purse) by michele pred

Michele Pred

Equal Rights Amendment (Purse), 2013

the house in the boat and the boat in the house by ilan averbuch

Ilan Averbuch

The House in the Boat and the Boat in the House, 2013

Price on Request

trio by richard purdy

Richard Purdy

Trio, 2008

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walking to midnight (t.t.) by don eddy

Don Eddy

Walking to Midnight (T.T.), 2013

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restless days and sleepless nights by don eddy

Don Eddy

Restless Days and Sleepless Nights, 2012

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a flight in winter by don eddy

Don Eddy

A Flight in Winter, 2012

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untitled #21 by jim sullivan

Jim Sullivan

Untitled #21, 2009

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gregory by timothy cummings

Timothy Cummings

Gregory, 2012

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untitled (skink twins) by mark calderon

Mark Calderon

Untitled (skink twins), 2009

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float by howard buchwald

Howard Buchwald

Float, 2012

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figmenta vii by linda mieko allen

Linda Mieko Allen

Figmenta VII, 2013

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alturas by michael gregory

Michael Gregory

Alturas, 2012

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