M.S. Rau Antiques

sarah bernhardt hunting with hounds by louise abbéma

Louise Abbéma

Sarah Bernhardt Hunting with Hounds, ca. 1897

64,500 USD

on the rocky shore by ivan konstantinovich aivazovsky

Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky

On the Rocky Shore, 1866

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madonna and child enthroned, crowned by two angels with saints anthony abbot and james major by marco giovanni da ponte bassano

Marco Giovanni da Ponte Bassano

Madonna and Child Enthroned, Crowned by Two Angels with Saints Anthony Abbot and James Major, ca. 1420–1425

550,000 USD

winter in washington square, new york by johann berthelsen

Johann Berthelsen

Winter in Washington Square, New York, ca. 1940

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landscape with cows by eugène boudin

Eugène Boudin

Landscape with Cows

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chanelo by alfredo castañeda

Alfredo Castañeda

Chanelo , 1972

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still life with grapes by vincent clare

Vincent Clare

Still Life with Grapes

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picking waterlilies and the young gardeners by william stephen coleman

William Stephen Coleman

Picking Waterlilies and The Young Gardeners

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porte saint-denis winter by edouard léon cortès

Edouard Léon Cortès

Porte Saint-Denis Winter

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woman in a blue dress by edward cucuel

Edward Cucuel

Woman in a Blue Dress

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at the water's edge by edward cucuel

Edward Cucuel

At the Water's Edge

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royal scot on the britannia bridge, menai straits by terence cuneo

Terence Cuneo

Royal Scot on the Britannia Bridge, Menai Straits , 1970

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the flying fish by montague dawson

Montague Dawson

The Flying Fish , ca. 1962

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sisterly love by françois alfred delobbe

François Alfred Delobbe

Sisterly Love, 1892

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la danseuse du lido by jean-gabriel domergue

Jean-Gabriel Domergue

La Danseuse du Lido

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still life with chrysanthemums and a view of montmartre by kees van dongen

Kees van Dongen

Still Life with Chrysanthemums and a View of Montmartre, 1920

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