M.S. Rau Antiques

the martyrdom of saint valeria and saint martial by salvatore nobili

Salvatore Nobili

The Martyrdom of Saint Valeria and Saint Martial, 1895

985,000 USD

leda and the swan by jean-léon gérôme

Jean-Léon Gérôme

Leda and the Swan, 1895

985,000 USD

presenciando una corrida de toros (witnessing a bullfight) by francisco rodríguez clement

Francisco Rodríguez Clement

Presenciando una Corrida de Toros (Witnessing a Bullfight)

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le renouveau (the renewal) by george morren

George Morren

Le Renouveau (The Renewal), 1892

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madonna and child enthroned, crowned by two angels with saints anthony abbot and james major by marco giovanni da ponte bassano

Marco Giovanni da Ponte Bassano

Madonna and Child Enthroned, Crowned by Two Angels with Saints Anthony Abbot and James Major, ca. 1420–1425

550,000 USD

still life with chrysanthemums and a view of montmartre by kees van dongen

Kees van Dongen

Still Life with Chrysanthemums and a View of Montmartre, 1920

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winter scene in the alps by ivan fedorovich choultsé

Ivan Fedorovich Choultsé

Winter Scene in the Alps

148,500 USD