M.S. Rau Antiques

all in the golden twilight by john atkinson grimshaw

John Atkinson Grimshaw

All in the Golden Twilight, 1881

385,000 USD

the ripe melon by jehan georges vibert

Jehan Georges Vibert

The Ripe Melon

24,850 USD

a snow scene by laszlo neogrady

Laszlo Neogrady

A Snow Scene

44,500 USD

la gardienne de moutons (the keeper of the sheep) by henry lerolle

Henry Lerolle

La Gardienne de Moutons (The Keeper of the Sheep)

44,850 USD

settling the account by josef wagner-hohenberg

Josef Wagner-Hohenberg

Settling the Account

54,500 USD

mystery suitor by johann friedrich august tischbein

Johann Friedrich August Tischbein

Mystery Suitor

54,500 USD

ships in harbor by edmond francois heirman

Edmond Francois Heirman

Ships in Harbor

55,000 USD

too close to call by fritz wagner

Fritz Wagner

Too Close to Call

58,500 USD

the final bill by josef wagner-hohenberg

Josef Wagner-Hohenberg

The Final Bill

58,500 USD

sarah bernhardt hunting with hounds by louise abbéma

Louise Abbéma

Sarah Bernhardt Hunting with Hounds, ca. 1897

64,500 USD

bali by a.e. herrmann

A.E. Herrmann

Bali, 1932

34,500 USD

joseph telling his dreams by rembrandt van rijn

Rembrandt van Rijn

Joseph Telling His Dreams, ca. 1638–1641

68,500 USD

woman at a door hatch talking to a man by rembrandt van rijn

Rembrandt van Rijn

Woman at a Door Hatch Talking to a Man, ca. 1650

68,500 USD

autumn on the shore of the lake by leopold franz kowalski

Leopold Franz Kowalski

Autumn on the Shore of the Lake

98,500 USD

in charlottenlund forest by peder mork mönsted

Peder Mork Mönsted

In Charlottenlund Forest, 1908

298,500 USD

femme élégante voyant filer un vapeur by alfred stevens

Alfred Stevens

Femme élégante voyant filer un vapeur, 1884

195,000 USD