Tanja Roscic: Black Kisses (Milano)

Tanja Roscic: Black Kisses (Milano)

untitled by tanja roscic

Tanja Roscic

Untitled, 2014

las vegas by tanja roscic

Tanja Roscic

Las Vegas, 2014

sirene by tanja roscic

Tanja Roscic

Sirene, 2014

crystal by tanja roscic

Tanja Roscic

Crystal, 2014

pillow by tanja roscic

Tanja Roscic

PIllow, 2014

Friday, March 28, 2014Saturday, May 31, 2014

Via Francesco Viganò 4
Milan, 20124 Italy

Tanja Roscic: Black Kisses

Friday 28 March 2014
7 pm

28 March – 3 May 2014

We are pleased to announce a new solo exhibition by Tanja Roscic, artist of Croatian-Albanian origin, born in Zürich in 1980.

In an intuitive way Tanja Roscic deconstructs the imagery of the present in order to analyze it and create a new world of images. With her sculptures, drawings, collages and installations, she investigates strategies of individual and collective identity. Her collages often show masks created cutting out faces and figures from magazines, which are then layered, reworked, transformed into new auratic presences.
Roscic makes use of an aesthetic charged with glamour, occult references and the culture of protest - yet at the same time, her works keep their enigmatic, abstract character intact.

Tanja Roscic is especially interested in the symbolism of the human figure, expressed in the representation of young women, whose features are transformed by overlays, omissions and fragmentations. These images found in the works on paper, composed of images taken from the media and abstract elements of color, reveal their quality not only through their tactile aspects, but also through an introverted emotional focus. The sculptures and installations make use of real and sometimes transformed pieces of furniture, presented as an expansion of the physical and mental sphere.
Roscic’s works communicate force as well as sensitivity, and often refer to alchemical symbols, reflecting the concept of transformation from one material to another. Yet in spite of their symbolism and the ironic reflections about the media, the works remain reserved, delicate.

Over the last years Roscic has had solo shows at the Neue Kunstverein in Wien, at the Kunstraum München in Germany and the Modern Institute of Zurich; she has taken part in many group shows in Switzerland and Germany. In 2009 she was awarded a residency in New York.