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arranging flowers by emil carlsen

Emil Carlsen

Arranging Flowers, 1886

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washington square, winter, new york by guy carleton wiggins

Guy Carleton Wiggins

Washington Square, Winter, New York, 1934

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the yacht race by antonio jacobsen

Antonio Jacobsen

The Yacht Race, 1874

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still life with fruit and wine glass by george forster

George Forster

Still Life with Fruit and Wine Glass, 1872

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gloucester wharf by harriet randall lumis

Harriet Randall Lumis

Gloucester Wharf

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yachts racing in the upper bay by james edward buttersworth

James Edward Buttersworth

Yachts Racing in the Upper Bay, 1860

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a quiet cove by william frederick de haas

William Frederick de Haas

A Quiet Cove, 1875

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new bedford harbor by charles henry gifford

Charles Henry Gifford

New Bedford Harbor, 1868

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still life of bird’s nest, fruits, and flowers in a glass pitcher by severin roesen

Severin Roesen

Still Life of Bird’s Nest, Fruits, and Flowers in a Glass Pitcher, 1862

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canyon pool by frank vincent dumond

Frank Vincent Dumond

Canyon Pool, 1940

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going to school by john george brown

John George Brown

Going to School, 1874

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still life with roses by george cochran lambdin

George Cochran Lambdin

Still Life with Roses, 1876

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a nice day's catch by clarence e. braley

Clarence E. Braley

A Nice Day's Catch, 1890

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fire island beach by sanford robinson gifford

Sanford Robinson Gifford

Fire Island Beach, 1878

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brooklyn bridge by felicie howell

Felicie Howell

Brooklyn Bridge, 1930

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a bit of sunlight (garden wall) by william merritt chase

William Merritt Chase

A Bit of Sunlight (Garden Wall), ca. 1888

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