Edine 'Big Bang'

Edine 'Big Bang'

Thursday, October 23, 2008Friday, November 28, 2008

West Palm Beach, FL USA

Edine paints her inner landscapes, she questions an original topic in extreme limit of human knowledge: the big bang.

Of the terrific explosion of energy and of light which gave birth to our universe, Edine questions without slackening the mystery of the equivalence between energy and matter. Her works are a reliquary where man travels to the firmament of a representation to the other, witness of a strange game led by light itself.

Poetry written in a chromatic alphabet of an exceptional richness, Edine offers her pictorial solutions as answers to the mysterious equations of cosmos.

Searching in the sources of Lyric Abstraction, perched on the shoulders of its Masters founders, Edine continues, with her own language and her tremendous talent, the search for harmony, meaning and beauty of the world.


Edine was born in a family of Artists. Her father was a musician composer, her mother was a painter. She discovered the violin at five years old. At the same time, she began to draw and then she started to paint. A few years later, pushed by the enthusiasm of her friends, she accepted to present her works. The passion was fast and the request made her expose all around the world.

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