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Christopher Burkett - Intimations of Paradise III

Christopher Burkett - Intimations of Paradise III

dogwood cascade, kentucky by christopher burkett

Christopher Burkett

Dogwood Cascade, Kentucky

Price on Request

thunderhead oregon by christopher burkett

Christopher Burkett

Thunderhead Oregon

susquehanna maple pennyslvania by christopher burkett

Christopher Burkett

Susquehanna Maple Pennyslvania

fiery mountain sunset, utah by christopher burkett

Christopher Burkett

Fiery Mountain Sunset, Utah

sunset, native koa trees, hawaii by christopher burkett

Christopher Burkett

Sunset, Native Koa Trees, Hawaii, 1996

blue glacial ice, alaska by christopher burkett

Christopher Burkett

Blue Glacial Ice, Alaska

Friday, January 17, 2014Saturday, March 29, 2014

568 Broadway, Basement
New York, NY USA

The Michael Ingbar Gallery presents a solo exhibition featuring some of the most recent color landscape photography of award-winning artist Christopher Burkett.

Since 1980, Burkett has explored the United States through the lens of his large format camera. His exclusive use of 8”x10” film reveals our natural surroundings with an exceptional level of luminosity and vibrant color that is often absent in today’s digital images. His careful and impressive compositions simultaneously convey both the magnificent grandeur and inviting intimacy of his natural subjects. The contemplative and patient photographic process inherent to largeformat- photography leads Burkett to faithfully capture the diverse American landscape only in its purest and most beautiful natural moments.

Burkett’s individuality as a contemporary photographer continues into his printing studio, where he masterfully hand prints every image himself. He transforms his 8x10” film into large scale photographs up to five feet wide while maintaining remarkable clarity. Burkett’s sophisticated and unique masking methods infuse his prints with depth and ensure that the colors appear to his audience exactly as they appeared to the artist in real life. He is a recognized national expert in printing Cibachrome (Ilfochrome).

Numerous museums and public and private collections worldwide are home to Burkett’s work. His photographs are featured in two self-published monographs and aptly accompany Seasons, a collection of Robert Frost’s poetry dedicated to nature. Burkett was the recipient of the 2004 Hasselblad Masters Award.

Note: Prices and availability on Museum size photographs are subject to change at any time. Prices do not include framing.

For additional information and images visit the Michael Ingbar Gallery website or Christopher Burkett's website.