Masterpiece London 2014

Masterpiece London 2014

tracing the footsteps of wang wei in snow by lo ch’ing

Lo Ch’ing

Tracing the Footsteps of Wang Wei in Snow, 2001

sweet dream of a calico cat by lo ch’ing

Lo Ch’ing

Sweet Dream of a Calico Cat, 2007

the panda series: let's be friends by lo ch’ing

Lo Ch’ing

The Panda Series: Let's Be Friends, 2012

an imaginary toad elbowing the red sun - self portrait by lo ch’ing

Lo Ch’ing

An Imaginary Toad Elbowing the Red Sun - Self Portrait, 2010

Thursday, June 26, 2014Wednesday, July 2, 2014

South Grounds
The Royal Hospital Chelsea

London, SW3 4SR United Kingdom

Michael Goedhuis will be exhibiting a major solo exhibition entitled Lo Ch'ing: In Conversation with the Masters. The exhibition will be held both at Masterpiece and at Michael Goedhuis' Cadogan Square gallery.

Lo Ch’ing – painter, poet, calligrapher, literary essayist, art critic and charismatic lecturer, is perhaps the most eloquent living intermediary between Chinese classical culture and the revolutionary aesthetic models of expression today.

There is much to experience in this exhibition where ancient threads are subtly inserted in the fabric of the contemporary world. Lo Ch’ing is at times metaphysical, at times comical and surreal, often poetic and intimate. As one explores his unpredictable vistas, his juxtaposed titles and his quiet ‘encounter’ paintings, one will be lead to a sense of the unknown where it would be wise to expect the unexpected, but not the sinister.

Lo Ch’ing’s paintings, seen together like this, describe his effort to find a path of grace between the strong currents of his own short past, the millennia-­old past of the Chinese empire, and the demands of today’s post­-industrial, consumer-­driven and individuality­-focused global citizen.