bronze covered bottle

Bronze Covered Bottle

bronze temple flower vase

Bronze Temple Flower Vase

black stars by chun-yi lee

Chun-yi Lee

Black Stars, 2011

singing songs as the sun sets by fang jun

Fang Jun

Singing Songs as the Sun Sets, 2007

la memoire lointaine by gao xingjian

Gao Xingjian

La Memoire Lointaine, 2009

red, blue and green series v by ge guanzhong

Ge Guanzhong

Red, Blue and Green Series V, 2007

Gu Gan

"Five Rings" Means Harmony, 2006

albero neve by irene kung

Irene Kung

Albero neve, 2011

cavallo iv by irene kung

Irene Kung

Cavallo IV

dragon by leung kui-ting

Leung Kui-ting

Dragon, 2009

chen, all in one by li chen

Li Chen

Chen, All in One, 1998

bathing by li jin

Li Jin

Bathing, 2007

early spring by li xubai

Li Xubai

Early Spring, 2010

midnight sun by liu kuo sung

Liu Kuo Sung

Midnight Sun, 2005

four questions by liu qinghe

Liu Qinghe

Four Questions, 2009

an imaginary toad elbowing the red sun - self portrait by lo ch’ing

Lo Ch’ing

An Imaginary Toad Elbowing the Red Sun - Self Portrait, 2010