MFC - Michèle Didier

fade to black by philippe parreno

Philippe Parreno

Fade to Black, 2005

300 EUR

the new five foot shelf by allen ruppersberg

Allen Ruppersberg

The New Five Foot Shelf, 2001

44,000 EUR

whichever word by maurizio nannucci

Maurizio Nannucci

whichever word, 2012

13,500 EUR

one million years by on kawara

On Kawara

One Million Years, 1999

2,050 EUR

the book of shapes by allan mccollum

Allan McCollum

The Book of Shapes, 2010

3,600 EUR

tableau (porte-sac untel) by untel


TABLEAU (Porte-Sac UNTEL), 2013

900 EUR

factice by philippe cazal

Philippe Cazal

Factice, 1995

990 EUR

dream object book by jim shaw

Jim Shaw

Dream Object Book, 2011

145 EUR

blueberry surprise by joseph grigely

Joseph Grigely

Blueberry Surprise, 2006

420 EUR

one billion colored dots by robert barry

Robert Barry

One Billion Colored Dots , 2008

16,500 EUR

inside a triangle by claude closky

Claude Closky

Inside a Triangle , 2011

366 EUR

life and works by aa bronson

AA Bronson

life and works, 2009

575 EUR

la boîte untel by untel



4,500 EUR

mon guide du tricot by annette messager

Annette Messager

Mon guide du tricot, 1973–2011

2,500 EUR

america drill by carl andre

Carl Andre

America Drill, 2003

1,500 EUR

double bind by leigh ledare

Leigh Ledare

Double Bind, 2012

2,950 EUR