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KENT WILLIAMS: Convergence & CHRIS ANTHONY: A Captured Species

KENT WILLIAMS: Convergence & CHRIS ANTHONY: A Captured Species

the loon by chris anthony

Chris Anthony

The Loon, 2010

sena blue by kent williams

Kent Williams

Sena Blue

new spring by kent williams

Kent Williams

New Spring, 2010

Saturday, May 21, 2011Saturday, June 18, 2011

Los Angeles, CA USA

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 21, 8-11pm

Merry Karnowsky Gallery is proud to present Convergence, a solo exhibition by artist Kent Williams. When fighting is no longer an option, one surrenders, come what may. One must create a connective trust with him or herself alone and plunge hand-in-hand into an unknown so vast, any and everything is possible. It is a trust that is at once both a finale and an introduction. In his exhibition of paintings and drawings, Kent Williams promises that to surrender is not necessarily to give up, and he rewards those who are either hopeless enough, or courageous enough, to submit with a private and sinking comfort inside the eye of the storm. The reassurance he offers is that there is a bridge between the before and after, and it is here, and here is no

In Kent Williams’ upcoming book Eklektikos, art critic Peter Frank explains, “To view a Kent Williams painting is to believe yourself in it – or, more precisely, to believe yourself in it and out of (if near) it at the same time, suspended between levels of reality just as the paintings’ subjects clearly are. These are not pictures to look at from a safe remove, but conditions – physical conditions, spatial conditions, mental conditions, emotional conditions, human conditions. And these conditions affect all who witness them, whether in them or before them. They have to: they speak to us of us, and must do so about us, not merely at us.

Merry Karnowsky Gallery also presents A Captured Species, a solo exhibition by artist Christopher Anthony. Photographer Chris Anthony uses his daydreams as inspiration for images he creates with the help of props and costumes he makes by hand. Drawing attention to the bizarre and the banal, the resulting images are portraits within landscapes on the border between documentary and fiction, imagining characters that, much like our selves, are forever a mystery. Iconic fantasy figures in real landscapes are set in relief against a darker reality, one of absence and longing. The work addresses primal experiences, shaped by desires and fears—solitary paths towards imagined fulfillment.

The photographs in the series were taken with a large-format camera in Big Sur, Sequoia National Forest and Southern California. Anthony uses his 4x5 camera and most of the images are photographed with 150 year old French lenses. The locations are key to providing the necessary context that serves as both juxtaposition and provides a wonderfully organic landscape to the images. He explains the series by saying that as he observes American life and politics these days, “The infuriation I feel replays itself in my daydreams. The characters I create are both absurd, tongue in cheek yet representational of the inequity I see all around me.” A Captured Species at Merry Karnowsky gallery is a preview of the first part of this series Anthony plans to complete by 2012.

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