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six reds, february 14, 2006 by donald sultan

Donald Sultan

Six Reds, February 14, 2006, 2006

pink flowers and eggs dec 7, 1999 by donald sultan

Donald Sultan

Pink Flowers and Eggs Dec 7, 1999, 1999

whirlpool iv by pat steir

Pat Steir

Whirlpool IV

untitled by david smith

David Smith

Untitled, 1961

setters standing woodcock by percival leonard rosseau

Percival Leonard Rosseau

Setters Standing Woodcock, 1908

untitled figure study by milton resnick

Milton Resnick

Untitled Figure Study, 1987

persia by paul resika

Paul Resika


flowers in an italian vase by paul resika

Paul Resika

Flowers in an Italian Vase

fall meeting by alexander pope

Alexander Pope

Fall Meeting, 1881

shimmering night by larry poons

Larry Poons

Shimmering Night, 1971

colorado river, shafter bend by denny pickett

Denny Pickett

Colorado River, Shafter Bend

male and female models with balloon chair and old african drum by philip pearlstein

Philip Pearlstein

Male and Female Models with Balloon Chair and Old African Drum

setter portrait by gustav muss-arnolt

Gustav Muss-Arnolt

Setter Portrait, 1889

sometimes a great notion, english pointer by walter matia

Walter Matia

Sometimes a Great Notion, English Pointer

upper new york city by ernest lawson

Ernest Lawson

Upper New York City