something to love by charles burton barber

Charles Burton Barber

Something to love

Price on Request

the koran school by ludwig deutsch

Ludwig Deutsch

The Koran School

Price on Request

outside the palace garden by rudolf ernst

Rudolf Ernst

Outside the Palace Garden

Price on Request

camel rider in the desert by augustus osborne lamplough

Augustus Osborne Lamplough

Camel Rider in the Desert

Price on Request

philae on the nile by augustus osborne lamplough

Augustus Osborne Lamplough

Philae on the Nile

Price on Request

the conversation by paul joanovitch

Paul Joanovitch

The Conversation

Price on Request

bargaining for a carpet by filippo bartolini

Filippo Bartolini

Bargaining for a Carpet

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lighting the mosque lamps by giuseppe signorini

Giuseppe Signorini

Lighting the Mosque Lamps

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after the midday prayer by walter frederick roofe tyndale

Walter Frederick Roofe Tyndale

After the Midday Prayer

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street entertainment, cairo by rudolf weisse

Rudolf Weisse

Street Entertainment, Cairo

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view of the el mnayyad mosque, cairo by otto pilny

Otto Pilny

View of the El Mnayyad Mosque, Cairo

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the pacha’s entertainment by paul-marie lenoir

Paul-Marie Lenoir

The Pacha’s Entertainment

Price on Request

temple of amun, karnak by carl friedrich heinrich werner

Carl Friedrich Heinrich Werner

Temple of Amun, Karnak, 1865

10,000–20,000 USD

arab traders, cairo by charles robertson

Charles Robertson

Arab Traders, Cairo, 1875

10,000–20,000 USD

the antique shop by rudolf weisse

Rudolf Weisse

The Antique Shop

30,000–50,000 USD

a reclining beauty by emile eisman-semenowsky

Emile Eisman-Semenowsky

A Reclining Beauty

50,000–75,000 USD