Mark Sublette Medicine Man Gallery

drawing and letter by oscar edmund berninghaus

Oscar Edmund Berninghaus

Drawing and Letter, 1912

6,800 USD

little shepherdess by susan kliewer

Susan Kliewer

Little Shepherdess

2,900 USD

golden autumn by josh elliott

Josh Elliott

Golden Autumn

12,000 USD

sunset near des moines, nm by jeff aeling

Jeff Aeling

Sunset Near Des Moines, NM

9,800 USD

hopi bowl by nampeyo

Attributed to Nampeyo

Hopi Bowl, ca. 1920

5,000 USD

riding out a bad investment by fred fellows

Fred Fellows

Riding Out a Bad Investment

Price on Request

searching by lynette jennings

Lynette Jennings


5,000 USD

the iceberg cafe by dennis ziemienski

Dennis Ziemienski

The Iceberg Cafe, ca. 2011

15,200 USD

santa clara red melon wedding vase by helen shupla

Helen Shupla

Santa Clara Red Melon Wedding Vase, 1984

6,100 USD

hoop dancer by susan kliewer

Susan Kliewer

Hoop Dancer

6,900 USD

cloud dance by ed mell

Ed Mell

Cloud Dance

22,100 USD

twilight stars by carol alleman

Carol Alleman

Twilight Stars, 2013

7,400 USD

sheep at katsina mesa by bill schenck

Bill Schenck

Sheep at Katsina Mesa

Price on Request

red wall magic by gregory hull

Gregory Hull

Red Wall Magic

12,000 USD

ascending shadows by bill gallen

Bill Gallen

Ascending Shadows

2,000 USD

hopi turquoise and silver stamped and appliqué style bracelet with corn motif

Hopi Turquoise and Silver Stamped and Appliqué Style Bracelet with Corn Motif, ca. 1940

2,500 USD