Carla Chiusano: Escape 12 (Zürich)

Carla Chiusano: Escape 12 (Zürich)

Basel, Switzerland Friday, March 23, 2012Friday, April 20, 2012

Basel, Switzerland
Friday, March 23, 2012Friday, April 20, 2012

Carla Chiusano - Escape 12 (Zürich)

THURSDAY, 22.03.2012, 6-9 PM
23.03 - 20.04.2012

As Gertrude Stein says: “ the painter does not perceive himself as existing on his own. The painter perceives himself as the reflection of the objects he puts in his paintings...”.
Here, in Carla Chiusano's show of new paintings, the objects are not immediately visible, wrapped as they are in a white cloak, full of thick shades and interrupted only by a thin black line, at some point in the horizon.
The mantle is not a coat, it doesn't cover the objects, nor does it contain them, the mantle is a mental space in which thoughts and emotions lose and meet themselves, producing new emotional perspectives. Out of the white background we catch glimpses of other matter. They are brush-strokes that point out the inner pathways: they offer an outline that leads from one place to another of this imaginary sky. “When we were kids”, the artist loves to repeat, “we looked at the clouds passing by and through our fantasy we tried to discover a form”. Carla wanted to re-create this sensation: losing one's sight beyond the infinite horizon, searching for subjective forms. And, in order to do it, she chose an unfamiliar dimension:
instead of the big formats and the huge paintings to which she is used and which surround her, this time she preferred to work on a smaller scale, substituting the size of a thought with the scope of a single glance. Her paintings are tri-dimensional: the original coordinates are a coat of plaster and a dark horizontal line. From there onwards, layers of Titanium White are alternated until the desired landscapes are created. The pictorial gesture is a sudden transcription of an immediate thought and of its emotional passages which weave in and out of the mind.
As often happens in the artistic research of a painter, the recogniseable figurative representation gives way to the more pure sign that, freed from any resemblance, strongly expresses the power of a feeling, of an emotion or of a thought. The same happens in the use of colour. From using a big palette of chromatic contrasts, each one endowed with its emotional value, here the artist switched to a more sober composition made up with different shadows of only one colour, white. Light and shadows are the only other companions on the artist's journey.
Out of Place, Broken Connection, Escape: the titles of her previous exhibitions suggest an important passage through the artist's own history. Her own moods are the leitmotif of a joyful and renewed identity in which the artist, through different stages of emotion and crisis, turns towards an emerging horizon, which is ever more wide and active.

Valentina Casacchia