MacConnal-Mason Gallery

the conjuror by mariano barbasán lagueruela

Mariano Barbasán Lagueruela

The Conjuror

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la réception by jean béraud

Jean Béraud

La Réception

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bassin de deauville by eugène boudin

Eugène Boudin

Bassin de Deauville, 1890

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the grand canal, venice by federico del campo

Federico del Campo

The Grand Canal, Venice, 1881

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'sitting figure i' and 'sitting figure ii' by lynn chadwick

Lynn Chadwick

'Sitting Figure I' and 'Sitting Figure II', 1982

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environs de mantes, le gué sur la seine by jean-baptiste-camille corot

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

Environs de Mantes, le gué sur la Seine

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storm over southall shed 1978 by terence cuneo

Terence Cuneo

Storm over Southall Shed 1978

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the ‘ann mckim’ leaving foochow for home by montague dawson

Montague Dawson

The ‘Ann McKim’ leaving Foochow for Home

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eastre (hymn to the sun) by john duncan fergusson

John Duncan Fergusson

Eastre (Hymn to the Sun), 1991

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the dance of a thousand flounces (ladies of almeria) by william russell flint

William Russell Flint

The Dance of a Thousand Flounces (Ladies of Almeria)

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study after eve by eric gill

Eric Gill

Study after Eve, ca. 1928–1930

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late october by john atkinson grimshaw

John Atkinson Grimshaw

Late October

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avington water no.1 by ivon hitchens

Ivon Hitchens

Avington Water No.1

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maquette for allies by lawrence holofcener

Lawrence Holofcener

Maquette for Allies, 1997

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rolling and foaming by david james

David James

Rolling and Foaming, 1896

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sleeping nude by dame laura knight

Dame Laura Knight

Sleeping Nude

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