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Federico del Campo

(Peruvian, 1837–1927)

the grand canal, venice by federico del campo

Federico del Campo

The Grand Canal, Venice, 1881

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Frederico Del Campo was a nineteenth century painter of Venetian and coastal scenes who was born in Peru. Early in his career he painted many South American scenes, one of which was titled “Rio de san Barnaba”.
Del Campo travelled extensively throughout Europe studying in Paris, Italy and Spain at the Madrid School of Lorenzo Valleys, where he studied under the Venetian artist Grobherzogl with whom he specialised in painting Venetian scenes.
He exhibited at the Paris Salon from 1880 and also in Madrid where he exhibited a painting titled “Vue de Venise”. One of Del Campo’s paintings “Marina Grande von Capri” was featured in the Olgemalde series of books on Venetian artists.