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David James

(British, 1853–1904)

rolling and foaming by david james

David James

Rolling and Foaming, 1896

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Flourished 1872-1904
David James was a noted English marine painter whose works focused on depicting the sea rather than the people and vessels who journeyed it. His favorite subjects were views of the West Country and the Isles of Scilly. James exhibited at the famed Royal Academy in 1881. The National Maritime Museum holds one of his paintings of breakers dated 1898. James’ painting style leans closer to realism than impressionism.
Marine painter. Exhibited at Royal Academy 1881-1892 and elsewhere. Like Henry Moore, James was more interested in pure studies of the sea, rather than topographical coastal views. He was especially good at painting waves. Much of his work was done on the coast of Cornwall. Titles at the Royal Academy ‘A Cornish Breaker’, ‘An Atlantic Roll’, etc.
Bibliography: Dictionary of Victorian Artists by Christopher Wood