MacConnal-Mason Gallery

the grand canal, venice by federico del campo

Federico del Campo

The Grand Canal, Venice, 1881

quimper, le quai by henry moret

Henry Moret

Quimper, Le Quai

industrial scene by laurence stephen lowry

Laurence Stephen Lowry

Industrial Scene, 1951

study after eve by eric gill

Eric Gill

Study after Eve, ca. 1928–1930

the dance of a thousand flounces (ladies of almeria) by william russell flint

William Russell Flint

The Dance of a Thousand Flounces (Ladies of Almeria)

eastre (hymn to the sun) by john duncan fergusson

John Duncan Fergusson

Eastre (Hymn to the Sun), 1991

bassin de deauville by eugène boudin

Eugène Boudin

Bassin de Deauville, 1890

from a venetian window by christopher richard wynne nevinson

Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson

From a Venetian Window

deal sands by laurence stephen lowry

Laurence Stephen Lowry

Deal Sands, 1947

maquette for allies by lawrence holofcener

Lawrence Holofcener

Maquette for Allies, 1997

'sitting figure i' and 'sitting figure ii' by lynn chadwick

Lynn Chadwick

'Sitting Figure I' and 'Sitting Figure II', 1982

la réception by jean béraud

Jean Béraud

La Réception

piazetta st. maggiore, venice by franz richard unterberger

Franz Richard Unterberger

Piazetta St. Maggiore, Venice

back of a boy bather” by henry scott tuke

Henry Scott Tuke

Back of a Boy Bather”, 1890

mid-week practice at stamford bridge by laurence toynbee

Laurence Toynbee

Mid-week Practice at Stamford Bridge, 1953