still life in the corner of the artist's studio by alfred reth

Alfred Reth

Still Life in the Corner of the Artist's Studio, 1912

5,000 USD

diego rivera and frida kahlo caught kissing, new workers school, new york city by lucienne bloch

Lucienne Bloch

Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo Caught Kissing, New Workers School, New York City, 1933

2,500 USD

untitled (from the big sister series) by hana jakrlova

Hana Jakrlova

Untitled (from the Big Sister series), 2007

2,500 USD

variant stuy mannequin designed by salvador dali by man ray

Man Ray

Variant Stuy Mannequin designed by Salvador Dali, 1960–1969

9,000 USD

fujiyama winter by koyo okada

Koyo Okada

Fujiyama winter, 1950–1959

Price on Request

reve du poete by mathurin moreau

Mathurin Moreau

Reve du Poete, ca. 1860

Price on Request

chambord (levinson 2012) by john piper

John Piper

Chambord (Levinson 2012), 1971

Price on Request

waterfront scene by edward william cooke

Edward William Cooke

Waterfront Scene, 1865

Price on Request

arab street scene by douglas arthur teed

Douglas Arthur Teed

Arab Street Scene, 1920

Price on Request

grand canyon colorado, foot of bright angel falls by benjamin chambers brown

Benjamin Chambers Brown

Grand Canyon Colorado, Foot of Bright Angel Falls, ca. 1905

Price on Request

portrait of a woman

Portrait of a Woman, ca. 1930–1939

Price on Request

la surprise (un chien en arrêt devant une tortue) by jean-baptiste van heffen

Jean-Baptiste van Heffen

La Surprise (Un Chien en Arrêt Devant une Tortue)

Price on Request

water-lily with nymph by françois-raoul larche

François-Raoul Larche

Water-lily with Nymph, ca. 1900

Price on Request

french porcelain oyster plates

French Porcelain Oyster Plates, 1900–1950

Price on Request

loetz art glass vase

Loetz Art Glass Vase, ca. 1900

Price on Request

the royal portrait by kent ullberg

Kent Ullberg

The Royal Portrait

Price on Request