Lipworth Fine Art

homage to the square by josef albers

Josef Albers

Homage to the Square, 1963

anya by julian opie

Julian Opie

Anya, 2005

deconstructing seurat by michael craig-martin

Michael Craig-Martin

Deconstructing Seurat, 2005

the locomotive by edward hopper

Edward Hopper

The Locomotive, 1923

paintbrushes by arman


Paintbrushes, ca. 1980

couple lying down by lynn chadwick

Lynn Chadwick

Couple Lying Down, ca. 1980

animated film of rippling water by julian opie

Julian Opie

Animated film of rippling water, 2005

little visions by allen jones

Allen Jones

Little visions, 1985

untitled by frank stella

Frank Stella

Untitled, ca. 1980

band by yuko shiraishi

Yuko Shiraishi

Band, 2002

saturation with three red arrows by bernar venet

Bernar Venet

Saturation with Three Red Arrows, 2007

out of the blue by david remfry

David Remfry

Out of the Blue, 1993

219.5° arc x 5

Bernar Venet

219.5° Arc x 5", 2002

231.5° arc x 4

Bernar Venet

231.5° Arc x 4", 1999

silver saturation with 5 dots by bernar venet

Bernar Venet

Silver Saturation with 5 dots, 2004

saturation commutativity by bernar venet

Bernar Venet

Saturation Commutativity, 2002