Deep Woods

Deep Woods

New York, NY USA Thursday, June 10, 2010Friday, July 30, 2010
deep woods installation view

Deep Woods Installation View

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New York, NY USA
Thursday, June 10, 2010Friday, July 30, 2010

Emi Fukuzawa, Diana Kingsley, Mike and Doug Starn

Leo Castelli Gallery is pleased to announce a group exhibition titled ‘Deep Woods.’ The show will consist of recent works by artists Emi Fukuzawa, Diana Kingsley and Mike and Doug Starn. The show will focus on depictions of nature.

Mike and Doug Starn have created a diaristic installation using photographs taken during the initial two months of installation of their monumental sculpture, Big Bambu, currently on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The artists are also showing a composite photograph of over four hundred separate images of the installation of the bamboo work in their studio in Beacon, NY. With these works, the Starns’ continue to “relax” photography and use scotch tape to create their collaged work and pushpins to attach it to the gallery walls.

Diana Kingsley is exhibiting three new photographs from her recent travels. Ms. Kingsley’s spin on the nature shot includes a nonsensical picnic of two peaches, a tomato and a snail’s shell, a buttoned-up navel orange amid gooey fungi; and a pink golf ball nestled in what looks like its own custom-made mushroom. Kingsley’s photos, all shot in the Blue Ridge Mountains, combine rustic allure with fastidiously arranged absurdity.

Ms. Fukuzawa’s works shows her interest in nature and borrow from the aquatic landscape in formal ways. Using a rich variety of traditional media such as graphite, charcoal, Sumi Ink, gofun, and gouache that she applies in non-traditional way, she suggests the depiction of natural patterns while maintaining an abstract composition.