Larry Becker Contemporary Art

zervan, 11.2006 by jon poblador

Jon Poblador

Zervan, 11.2006, 2006

in and out of the light new paintings on paper<br />installation view - front room by steve riedell

Steve Riedell

In and Out of The Light NEW PAINTINGS ON PAPER
Installation view - front room

philadelphia prototype 2002,  larry becker contemporary art, philadelphia 2002 by robert ryman

Robert Ryman

Philadelphia Prototype 2002, Larry Becker Contemporary Art, Philadelphia 2002

rabbit by italo scanga

Italo Scanga

Rabbit, 2000

indefinite 17 by tim schwartz

Tim Schwartz

Indefinite 17, 2012

 i-w, 1999; stbw, 1998 and crpwn, 2006 by howard smith

Howard Smith

I-W, 1999; STBW, 1998 and CRPWN, 2006

in light installation view of howard smith, untitled (cydir), 2005 by howard smith

Howard Smith

In Light installation view of Howard Smith, Untitled (CYDIR), 2005

untitled (ubd #5) by howard smith

Howard Smith

Untitled (UBD #5), 2003

29-12-32-28 by michael toenges

Michael Toenges


lengthen, 2003 <br>(checklist 1.) by merrill wagner

Merrill Wagner

Lengthen, 2003
(Checklist 1.)

installation view of

Stephen Westfall

Installation View of "Thrum" (Checklist 1), 2011

John Zurier

"New Paintings" Installation View

 john zurier night paintings exhibition installation view front room

JOHN ZURIER NIGHT PAINTINGS exhibition installation view front room

"Under the Evening Light" Installation view: (l. to r.) Steve Riedell and Marcia Hafif, 2013

'from the table of pigments and fresco paintings' installation view #3

'From the Table of Pigments and Fresco Paintings' Installation View #3

'luminous room' installation view 4

'Luminous Room' Installation View 4