Kwanhoon Gallery

New Korean Wave

New Korean Wave



Wednesday, May 7, 2014Saturday, May 17, 2014

195 Kwanhoon-dong, Jongno-gu
Seoul, 110-300-195 South Korea

Artists: Gong, Yea Ji / Ko, A Ra / Han, Ji Min / Kang, Yea Jin /Kim, Hyun Soo /Kim, Sin Ae/ Lee, Jang Hoon/ Moon, Ye Ji / Son, Woo Jung

We are thrilled to announce a group exhibition, titled ‘New Korean Wave’, exhibiting nine talented Korean rookies. Today, the new generation of Korean artists shows strong artistic sense and variety of artistic skills owing to the well developed academic training and growing attention to contemporary art in Korea. These nine young artists - Gong, Yea Ji / Go, A Ra / Han, Ji Min / Kang, Ye Jin /Kim, Hyun Soo /Kim, Sin Ae/ Lee, Jang Hoon/ Moon, Ye Ji / Son, Woo Jung - who just graduated from the college are trying to interpret a cliché of ‘life in modern society’ by their own language with different media – photograph, painting, and mixed media to tell the story of ‘Uniformity’, ‘alienation’, ‘industrialization’, or human desire to’ Utopia’.

Following the new generation artists, new-tech collectors have been emerged from Western art world. They are regularly purchasing artworks after merely viewing high-resolution JPEG images of such works, and more people in a high-tech digital generation will come to embrace this concept. Talented young Korean artists’ different art works have been sold to diverse collectors from all over the world with one click away. This exhibition will play an important role for the rookies to directly be promoted onto the international online market as well.