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Kim Yun Jae 'Evanescent-scape: Blossoming Upon Concrete'

Kim Yun Jae 'Evanescent-scape: Blossoming Upon Concrete'

jookseoroo by kim yun jae

Kim Yun Jae

Jookseoroo, 2013

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Seoul, South Korea

Fl. 1st and 3rd

Kwanhoon Gallery is pleased to announce Kim Yun Jae’s solo exhibition, ‘Evanescent-scape: Blossoming Upon Concrete’. Kim Yun Jae’s sculpture series is combination of a nature scenery and a human head which started with ‘Missing Mt. Geumgang On Father’s Head’ at his graduation exhibition in 2008. Yun Jae has a mountain-goer father and naturally had many chances to visit mountains in Korea. Longing for lost nature scene, Yun Jae sculpts mountain-scapes of Korean old landscape drawings with an illusory hermit and a ferryboat. They are not only missing scenery from his dear memory, also lost nature by industrialisation. The eyes are open for the longing, not just for recollecting lost nature and it is the moment for human and nature to harmony. In this exhibition, he attempts life-sized sculptures to present more realistic sense of longing for sweet memory than the figure of heads. Kim Youn Jae graduated Kyungwon University in Korea and lives in Seoul.