Kramer Gallery, Inc.

river scene with cottages, normandie by george ames aldrich

George Ames Aldrich

River Scene with Cottages, Normandie, ca. 1920

4,000 USD

dada plus one rosenquist by john e. anderson

John E. Anderson

Dada Plus One Rosenquist, 1966

3,500 USD

mending the net by francesco ballesio

Francesco Ballesio

Mending the Net, ca. 1980

10,000–20,000 USD

venetian scene with sailboats by antoine bouvard

Antoine Bouvard

Venetian Scene with Sailboats

10,000–20,000 USD

market day in the plaza, verona, italy by antonietta brandeis

Antonietta Brandeis

Market Day in the Plaza, Verona, Italy

7,500 USD

the s.s. john lind by william alexander coulter

William Alexander Coulter

The S.S. John Lind, ca. 1918

3,500 USD

midwest farmyard with red barns by adolf arthur dehn

Adolf Arthur Dehn

Midwest Farmyard with Red Barns, 1937

4,500 USD

view of corcovado mountain from a neighborhood in rio by nicolau antonio facchinetti

Nicolau Antonio Facchinetti

View of Corcovado Mountain from a Neighborhood in Rio, 1885

85,000 USD

the red barn by stanford fenelle

Stanford Fenelle

The Red Barn, 1936

3,500 USD

northern lake and cabin by john fery

John Fery

Northern Lake and Cabin

2,900 USD

winter thaw - northern minnesota by knute heldner

Knute Heldner

Winter Thaw - Northern Minnesota, ca. 1925

6,500 USD

shoe shine by joseph hirsch

Joseph Hirsch

Shoe Shine, ca. 1947

4,500 USD

springer spaniel flushing a pheasant by lynn bogue hunt

Lynn Bogue Hunt

Springer Spaniel Flushing a Pheasant, ca. 1950

12,000 USD

pines in winter at sunset by alfred jansson

Alfred Jansson

Pines in Winter at Sunset, 1914

4,500 USD

homme a la harpe ii by albert stefan kohler

Albert Stefan Kohler

Homme a la Harpe II, 1931

3,500 USD