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Sarah Leahy: At Once

Sarah Leahy: At Once

building by sarah leahy

Sarah Leahy

Building, 2014

floating by sarah leahy

Sarah Leahy

Floating, 2012

debris by sarah leahy

Sarah Leahy

Debris, 2014

birds by sarah leahy

Sarah Leahy

Birds, 2013

ferris wheel by sarah leahy

Sarah Leahy

Ferris Wheel, 2013

train tracks by sarah leahy

Sarah Leahy

Train Tracks, 2012

Thursday, May 1, 2014Saturday, May 31, 2014

529 W. 20th Street
New York, NY 10011 USA

In this new exhibition, Leahy arranges a series of paintings that read as one installation moving around the gallery space. Figurative image fragments juxtapose and combine in sequences, creating a presence both surprising and familiar. Images echo and amplify, repeating in different ways, layering perceptually, evoking themes and possible contingencies. The painting process and surface evidence a huge compression of time and attention, as gradually the image develops, coming into focus. The viewer experiences a similar unfolding. Careful ordering of the people, spaces and manmade structures, suggest a sense of self and quiet, resonant moment.

“Leahy’s moody paintings are made through a labor-intensive process involving ink washes painted on clear plexiglass sheets and sanded with fine grade sandpaper. Slowly burnishing and refining the surface, and building up a dense but translucent image, Leahy creates an image of a space that seems charged and strangely alive-dark and luminous.”
- Mary Birmingham, Curator, Visual Arts Center of New Jersey.

“Why Sarah Leahy’s work? It is startling, memorable. The self-imposed constraints of her technique (successive additions and subtractions of ink on plexiglass) induce a rich querying of that surface. Within the contrast of black and white it is as if within this sparseness each aspect of visual ordering is intensified, and in this no-color situation it is to be noticed that suddenly and strangely, subliminal color is released that lingers hauntingly.”
- Pat Adams, catalogue excerpt “Women Choose Women Again.”

Sarah Leahy is a New York based artist that has been with the gallery for over a decade. Artist, Pat Adams, recently chose Leahy for the exhibition “Women Choose Women Again” that was curated by Mary Birmingham at the Visual Art Center in New Jersey. Leahy has been the recepient of a grant from the New York Foundation for the Arts, and a studio recepient from the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts. Her artwork has been reviewed in the New York Times.