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John Kirchner: A Brief History of America and Its People

John Kirchner: A Brief History of America and Its People

Saturday, March 27, 2010Saturday, April 24, 2010

New York, NY USA

Opening reception: Saturday, Mach 27, 6 –8pm

A Brief History of America and Its Peoples offers the viewer a rare opportunity to see highlights of John Kirchner’s artwork created over the past thirty years. Kirchner continues to question himself, our times and living in America. Through minimalism and subsumed form, he persists on deconstructing culture to create a unique vision of our lifetime.

Over the years, Kirchner has explored what he likes to refer to as “inert” materials such as Styrofoam and balsa wood that have almost an anti-matter aspect intrinsic to them. Playing with our sense of what we know and what we’re actually perceiving, Kirchner wavers between the transparent and the inaccessible, asking more questions than providing answers.

Kirchner states, “I don’t want the viewer to fall back on what they already know, I want to divert the imagination and our comprehension of formal aesthetics and craftsmanship by using fragile, expendable and immediate materials that challenge our perception of weight and permanence. To very carefully and exactly craft something that is non-utilitarian and to animate the inchoate, that is what I‘m really after.”

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