Kendall Fine Art

nu debout (standing nude) by balthus


Nu Debout (Standing Nude), 1957

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cathedral at carcassonne by colin campbell cooper

Colin Campbell Cooper

Cathedral at Carcassonne

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femme et enfant au jardin by georges d'espagnat

Georges d'Espagnat

Femme et enfant au jardin, ca. 1915

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femme lisant by delphin enjolras

Delphin Enjolras

Femme Lisant

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paysage d’été by louis gaidan

Louis Gaidan

Paysage d’été

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whisperings of june by lillian genth

Lillian Genth

Whisperings of June

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untitled by arshile gorky

Arshile Gorky

Untitled, ca. 1946

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paysage de la creuse by armand guillaumin

Armand Guillaumin

Paysage de la Creuse, ca. 1906

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young woman with veil by lilian westcott hale

Lilian Westcott Hale

Young Woman with Veil

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rare twlight by william samuel horton

William Samuel Horton

Rare Twlight, 1921

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phenomena shoulder to the sun by paul jenkins

Paul Jenkins

Phenomena Shoulder to the Sun, 1981

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place de la bastille by gustave loiseau

Gustave Loiseau

Place de la Bastille, 1926


la baignade dans la cure by maximilien luce

Maximilien Luce

La Baignade dans la Cure, 1908

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bateau au bord de la mer by paul madeline

Paul Madeline

Bateau au bord de la mer

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back country by alfred richard mitchell

Alfred Richard Mitchell

Back Country

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eglise de varengeville, effect matinal by claude monet

Claude Monet

Eglise de Varengeville, Effect Matinal, 1882