Keith de Lellis Gallery

audrey hepburn

Audrey Hepburn, 1966

facade: alwyn court by berenice abbott

Berenice Abbott

Facade: Alwyn Court, 1938

the hindenburg disaster by acme newspictures

Acme Newspictures

The Hindenburg Disaster, 1937

atom bomb, bikini atoll by army navy task force photo

Army Navy Task Force Photo

Atom Bomb, Bikini Atoll, 1946

nat king cole by fred baker

Fred Baker

Nat King Cole, 1961

grace jones by anthony barboza

Anthony Barboza

Grace Jones, 1972

jack johnson by m. branger

M. Branger

Jack Johnson, ca. 1920

untitled by irving browning

Irving Browning

Untitled, ca. 1928

monte san angelo by guiseppe bruno

Guiseppe Bruno

Monte San Angelo, 1958

l’omino lassù by carlo caligaris

Carlo Caligaris

L’omino lassù, ca. 1960

sprint by carlo caligaris

Carlo Caligaris

Sprint, ca. 1965

breve orrizonte by augusto cantamessa

Augusto Cantamessa

Breve Orrizonte, ca. 1955

milano by mario carrieri

Mario Carrieri

Milano, 1958

billie holiday by robin carson

Robin Carson

Billie Holiday, ca. 1936

operaia della borletti by tranquillo casiraghi

Tranquillo Casiraghi

Operaia della Borletti, 1960

marilyn monroe & jane russell by ed clark

Ed Clark

Marilyn Monroe & Jane Russell, 1953