Jiri Ladocha: To Hell With Posterity

Jiri Ladocha: To Hell With Posterity

Toronto, ON Canada Thursday, October 18, 2012Sunday, December 2, 2012
wave by jiri ladocha

Jiri Ladocha

Wave, 2012

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Toronto, ON Canada
Thursday, October 18, 2012Sunday, December 2, 2012

Julie M. Gallery presents recent series by critically acclaimed master sculptor Jiri Ladocha in a solo exhibition, To Hell With Posterity, and at booth 1034 in the Toronto International Art Fair. Born and trained in Europe, Jiri Ladocha’s pieces found in major collections such as the Guggenheim Museum and MOCCA. His latest series, Wave, is inspired by the physics of water, which manifests in complex snaking bends in 3 x 5’ sheets of plywood. The Waves are ambitious masterworks that may be paired as diptychs. Products of impressively original artistic vision, they reflect the constant expansion of Ladocha’s technical and aesthetic horizons—this is an artist who never repeats himself. The large scale of the Waves sets them apart from earlier series. They are finished in either reflective aluminum leaf or a velvet black created by coating graphite in beeswax. Both horizontal and new vertical Waves, titled Dancers, will be featured.

The majority of work shown in To Hell With Posterity was created after 2007. This includes pieces from series including H.2.0, Summertime, Mercury Run, Black Squares, and Of Time and the River, to name a few. Ladocha’s adept handling of traditional materials in these series reflects rigorous European training, however the seamless execution and innovation on which his has built his reputation are cutting-edge contemporary. Worked in combinations of wood, glass, aluminum, pigment, and metal leaf, his sculptures betray a tense dialectic between the austerity of Minimalism and the romance of organic line. Ladocha’s strong relationship with the aesthetics of High Modernism is augmented by unexpectedly undulating forms, found objects, and careful application of bright pigments—this lends an uncommon beauty and sophistication to works combining metal, glass, wood and graphite. His sculptures are exhibited and avidly collected throughout Europe and North America.