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Group Exhibition: Introducing two new gallery artists
Miriam Cabessa and Itamar Jobani

Group Exhibition: Introducing two new gallery artists
Miriam Cabessa and Itamar Jobani

fat land reclining by itamar jobani

Itamar Jobani

Fat Land Reclining, 2008

gold bricks by miriam cabessa

Miriam Cabessa

Gold Bricks, 2009

untitled (black) by miriam cabessa

Miriam Cabessa

Untitled (Black), 2005

Thursday, March 31, 2011Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tel Aviv, Israel

A Group Exhibition

Introducing two new gallery artists, Miriam Cabessa and Itamar Jobani

On view together with Deganit Berest, Anat Betzer, Michal Na'aman,Yehuda Porbuchrai and Ram Samocha

Miriam Cabessa:
The exceptional beauty and merit of Cabessa’s “slow action painting” has been internationally acknowledged since 1997 when she represented Israel at the Venice Biennale. Over the past two decades, she has perfected the technique of dragging metal combs, Tallit (Jewish prayer shawls), and keffiyeh (headscarves symbolic of Palestinian independence) in movements dictated by controlled breathing. Cabessa is known for large-scale patterned artworks whose intensely haptic creation is inseparable from the final product. Her artistic lineage includes Jackson Pollock and Yves Klein, while her paintings reflect a background in photography, and reference the alluvial sensuality of Robert Mapplethorpe.

Itamar Jobani:

Itamar Jobani is a young sculpture-installation artist on the cusp of mid-career status, working primarily in Brooklyn, New York. His physical materials range from plywood to cardboard, while he employs programming and video installations to bring his topographically constructed figures to life. Jobani’s work has been internationally recognized for its conceptual lucidity, owing in part to a background in film studies and philosophy. Recently, he was awarded the prestigious 2010 Vierter Stock residency in Berlin due to the critical acclaim of his solo show at Volta NY, 2008.