"Blue Chips"    (The Inner Harbor, Boulogne by Edward Willis Redfield)

"Blue Chips"    (The Inner Harbor, Boulogne by Edward Willis Redfield)

an easton hill by walter emerson baum

Walter Emerson Baum

An Easton Hill, 1930


industry by arthur meltzer

Arthur Meltzer

Industry, 1920


old barney by daniel garber

Daniel Garber

Old Barney


evergreen by lee gatch

Lee Gatch



the blizzard by charles hargens

Charles Hargens

The Blizzard, 1935–1940

Price on Request

road to cedar by john fulton folinsbee

John Fulton Folinsbee

Road to Cedar, 1922–1924

Price on Request

The Inner Harbor, Boulogne by Edward Willis Redfield)" />

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Jim's of Lambertville

A 128 page full color hardbound reference catalog illustrating 150 works currently available for purchase in our new gallery.

Our emphasis is on Pennslyvania Impressionist and Modernist works (mainly from the New Hope School) but also included is a selection of other fine 20th century American Art.
All works shown with frames and include brief artist biographies.

Available for $50, includes shipping & handling.


McClelland Barclay
Joseph Barrett
Walter Baum
John Berninger
Johann Berthelsen
Maude Bryant
John Carlson
Gustave Cimiotti
Contance Cochrane
Fern Coppedge
Gerald Vivian Davis
Frank English
John Falter
Nancy Ferguson
John Folinsbee
Daniel Garber
John Grabach
William Gropper
Lee Gatch
Charles Hargens
Charlotte Howard
Mary G.L. Hood
Richard Peter Hoffman
 Earle Horter
Clarence Johnson
John Wells James
Susette Keast
Louis Kronberg
William Lathrop
Harry Leith-Ross
Emma F. MacRae
Thomas Manley
Antonio Martino
Walter Mattern
Joseph Meierhans
Arthur Meltzer
Mildred Miller
Joseph Newman
Lloyd Ney
B.J.O. Nordfelt
George Noyes
Kenneth Nunamker
Alfred Nunamker
Joseph Pearson
S. George Phillips
Hobson Pittman
M. Elizabeth Price
Henry Rand
Edward Redfield
Charles Rosen
Saul Schary
Birger Sandzen
Faye Swengel
Clara Stroud
Henry Snell
Robert Spencer
Walter Schofield
Alice Kent Stoddard
Walter Stuempfig
Louis Stone
Wm. F. Taylor
Paulette Van Roekins
Martha Walter
Fred Wagner
Frank Whiteside
Charles Ward
Carl Weber
Harry Zitter
Josef Zenk