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Lumen Ray

Lumen Ray

Milan, Italy Wednesday, February 13, 2013Saturday, March 30, 2013


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Milan, Italy
Wednesday, February 13, 2013Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jerome Zodo Contemporary Gallery is proud to present Lumen Ray, a Collective Exhibition of works on show, for the first time together: James Clar, Matteo Fato, Raul Gabriel, Lori Hersberger, Guillaume Leingre, Alistair McClymont, Yari Miele, Tony Oursler, Ivano Sossella, Morgane Tschiember and United Visual Artists.

The Exhibition opens on Tuesday 12th February 2013 at 18:00 in the Gallery in Via Lambro 7, Milan.

Why Be Blue (2012) performance by Guillaume Leingre, at 20:00.

This journey is a path through light, natural, authentic, reflected, metaphoric or real – the light of reason, an awakening of conscience. Taking inspiration from the reflections of Hans Sedlmayr (Light in its Artistic Manifestations, 1960, “Studium Generale”) in which he reconsiders art historic-graphically as a sub-specie lucis, the Exhibition embraces a dialectic and multiform commitment of the luminous medium according to the heterogeneity of artistic and generational practices.

The interpretation of that energy which allows us to recognise as ours this reality surrounding us, creates new and infinite prospects, defined as Lumen, such as the splendour coming from shining things and together a measure of the flow of matter; and Ray as the technological aspect that transforms the work, from a representation of natural light to a source of photonic emissions. Lumen Ray is a timeless and free tale, subversive and mutating, a comparison between science and conscience, where the various artistic considerations expressing it, generate multi-form relationships of light/space, light/object and light/matter.

The flow blends different interpretations: from the universal of Alistair McClymont in the “astronomical” description of Eclipse (2012), a black/white sequence in real relationship of light between Sun-Earth-Moon and, again, light-time in Unix Time, as an alternative to the Gregorian calendar in i-Pad version to the divertissement of “reflecting” reflections in which energy is sometimes “caught” and then “released” by the fluorescence of Yari Miele and placed next to the instantaneous painting of Matteo Fato. From material to immaterial, the ray filters with elegant motion through the virtual openings of Grey Area (2013) of the English collective United Visual Artists to then broaden out into a sky spectrum and solidify into Light (2013) by Raul Gabriel invading with its own weight the Exhibition area, up to its self- denial that, in the end, will cancel it out with a simple gesture of alchemical painting in makeitpossible (2013) by Ivano Sossella. From two-dimensional to three-dimensional, a drop of light solidifies in Bubbles (2012) by Morgane Tschiember, while the neon portions of Lori Hersberger become explosive effects through the irony of Bomb by Tony Oursler. Among fluo touches curious glances follow the scene as it darkens during the performance of Why Be Blue (2012) of French artist Guillaume Leingre whose mark is impressed as though in a dark room, leaving in half-shadow a message of double reflection in The End (2012) by American James Clar.