saint charles borromeo in prayer, attended by putti by camillo procaccini

Camillo Procaccini

Saint Charles Borromeo in Prayer, Attended by Putti

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a still life of dead game, fruit, an artichoke, a lobster and a boar’s head in a tureen by frans snyders

Frans Snyders

A Still Life of Dead Game, Fruit, an Artichoke, a Lobster and a Boar’s Head in a Tureen

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the birth of the virgin by niccolò martinelli

Niccolò Martinelli

The Birth of the Virgin

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a standing man, seen from behind, looking at a painting on an easel by giovanni boldini

Giovanni Boldini

A Standing Man, Seen from Behind, Looking at a Painting on an Easel

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the head of a man smoking a pipe by françois bonvin

François Bonvin

The Head of a Man Smoking a Pipe

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a seated allegorical figure by louis lafitte

Louis Lafitte

A Seated Allegorical Figure

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the three graces by alexandre-évariste fragonard

Alexandre-Évariste Fragonard

The Three Graces

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design for a medal celebrating the marriage of louise-elisabeth d'orléans and luis, prince of asturias, in 1772 by edme bouchardon

Edme Bouchardon

Design for a Medal Celebrating the Marriage of Louise-Elisabeth d'Orléans and Luis, Prince of Asturias, in 1772

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study of a horse by emile jean horace vernet

Emile Jean Horace Vernet

Study of a Horse

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the martyrdom of saint lawrence by valerio castello

Valerio Castello

The Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence

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the head of saint john the baptist by bartolomeo passarotti

Bartolomeo Passarotti

The Head of Saint John the Baptist

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landscape near le pouldu, with a green sky by maurice denis

Maurice Denis

Landscape near Le Pouldu, with a Green Sky, 1905

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a view of montmartre from saint-lazare by hubert robert

Hubert Robert

A View of Montmartre from Saint-Lazare, 1793–1794

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a still-life of fruit, flowers and shells with a lizard, caterpillar and dragonfly by balthasar van der ast

Balthasar van der Ast

A Still-Life of Fruit, Flowers and Shells with a Lizard, Caterpillar and Dragonfly, 1630–1635

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a view of palermo from the sea with the 'marino' and fashionable folk promenading by pietro fabris

Pietro Fabris

A View of Palermo from the Sea with the 'Marino' and Fashionable Folk promenading, 1770

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study of a standing female nude by adolf hiremy-hirschl

Adolf Hiremy-Hirschl

Study of a Standing Female Nude

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