the assumption of the virgin by laurent de (lahyre) lahire

Laurent de (LaHyre) LaHire

The Assumption of the Virgin

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a man sharpening a quill by taddeo zuccaro

Taddeo Zuccaro

A Man Sharpening a Quill

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a design for a ceiling decoration in honour of a genoese admiral by lorenzo de ferrari

Lorenzo de Ferrari

A Design for a Ceiling Decoration in Honour of a Genoese Admiral

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st. phar at the court of queen aline of golconde by jean honoré fragonard

Jean Honoré Fragonard

St. Phar at the Court of Queen Aline of Golconde

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landscape with a boat in stormy waters near the shores of lake neuchâtel by alexandre calame

Alexandre Calame

Landscape with a Boat in Stormy Waters near the Shores of Lake Neuchâtel

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coastal landscape with a boat under construction by louis gabriel eugène isabey

Louis Gabriel Eugène Isabey

Coastal Landscape with a Boat Under Construction

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design for the stage: a grotto landscape with the temple of vesta, juno in the sky above by charles percier

Charles Percier

Design for the Stage: A Grotto Landscape with the Temple of Vesta, Juno in the Sky Above

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landscape with a peasant woman approaching a farmhouse by stefano della bella

Stefano della Bella

Landscape with a Peasant Woman Approaching a Farmhouse

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a winged putto with a garland, seen from below by annibale carracci

Annibale Carracci

A Winged Putto with a Garland, Seen from Below

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pastoral landscape with a herdsman and his dog driving sheep, cattle and a donkey, in a fictive stone frame by jean baptiste huët

Jean Baptiste Huët

Pastoral Landscape with a Herdsman and his Dog Driving Sheep, Cattle and a Donkey, in a Fictive Stone Frame

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erminia and the shepherds by giuseppe nicola nasini

Giuseppe Nicola Nasini

Erminia and the Shepherds

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peasant family in an interior by rodolphe bresdin

Rodolphe Bresdin

Peasant Family in an Interior

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the flight into egypt by rodolphe bresdin

Rodolphe Bresdin

The Flight into Egypt

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four studies of elegantly dressed women and girls by rodolphe bresdin

Rodolphe Bresdin

Four Studies of Elegantly Dressed Women and Girls

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a peasant family with a cow, crossing a stream by giuseppe zais

Giuseppe Zais

A Peasant Family with a Cow, Crossing a Stream

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king louis ix of france presenting a document to a general wearing the order of the golden fleece by giuseppe passeri

Giuseppe Passeri

King Louis IX of France Presenting a Document to a General Wearing the Order of the Golden Fleece

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