Jean Albano Gallery

blond vivienne by tom wesselmann

Tom Wesselmann

Blond Vivienne, 1989

Price on Request

jumping by gladys nilsson

Gladys Nilsson

Jumping, 2012

20,000–30,000 USD

travels lightly/way too much baggage (he said…she said series) by donna rosenthal

Donna Rosenthal

Travels Lightly/Way Too Much Baggage (He Said…She Said series), 2012

1,000–5,000 USD

jitterbug by jim waid

Jim Waid

Jitterbug, 2010

10,000–20,000 USD

milo and tock from the phantom tollbooth by jules feiffer

Jules Feiffer

Milo and Tock from The Phantom Tollbooth, 2012

500 USD

navajo melody by margaret wharton

Margaret Wharton

Navajo Melody, 2012

10,000–20,000 USD

untitled (hands & feet series) by luciana abait

Luciana Abait

Untitled (Hands & Feet series) , 2008

1,000–5,000 USD

axis by valerie beller

Valerie Beller

Axis, 2008

1,000–5,000 USD

truckin geo 21 by fletcher benton

Fletcher Benton

Truckin Geo 21, 2000

10,000–20,000 USD

v-sit by tom bianchi

Tom Bianchi


1,000–5,000 USD

genten (red 1, 2 & 3) by diane cooper

Diane Cooper

Genten (Red 1, 2 & 3), 2012

500–1,000 USD

female fetish: handbag by claudia demonte

Claudia DeMonte

Female Fetish: Handbag, 2004

5,000–10,000 USD

for sentimental reasons by jules feiffer

Jules Feiffer

For Sentimental Reasons, 2011

1,000–5,000 USD

#5-c29-2 by c. gregory gummersall

C. Gregory Gummersall

#5-C29-2 , 2007

10,000–20,000 USD

sweet crude by amy honchell

Amy Honchell

Sweet Crude, 2011

1,000–5,000 USD

weeping lincoln by bill mauldin

Bill Mauldin

Weeping Lincoln, 2007

500 USD