Sherrie Levine: Salubra

Sherrie Levine: Salubra

installation view salubra 3 by sherrie levine

Sherrie Levine

Installation View Salubra 3, 2014

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Friday, January 17, 2014Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jablonka Galerie/Jablonka Pasquer Projects
Cologne, Germany

Sherrie Levine: Salubra at Böhm Chapel

17 January – 17 April 2014

Inspired by Polychromie Architecturale – a “colour keyboard” for designing modern homes developed by Swiss architect Le Corbusier in 1931 – Sherrie Levine has created series containing 14 monochrome-­‐painted mahogany panels each. Le Corbusier developed Polychromie Architecturale based on his experiences as a Purist painter. The choice of colours is based on a “family” of colours – grande gamme (large series) – that Le Corbusier had defined back in 1921 together with like-­‐minded colleague Amédée Ozenfant. This consisted of tones that interacted “constructively” and that had long been used by many traditional painters – including Raffael in his “Trionfo di Galatea” fresco in the Villa Farnesina in Rome (1521). In Polychromie Architecturale, Le Corbusier created 12 colour series with 14 tones and 3 background tones each, giving them associative names such as “Heaven”, “Sand”, “Velvet” and “Wall”. He saw each individual colour series as a “keyboard” that could produce different ideas for everyone. Le Corbusier set out his artistic credo in his introduction to Polychromie Architecturale: “The search for space, for light, for joy, for strength, for serenity, invite us to call for colour, daughter of light.” His colour series served as the basis for determining the colour composition of buildings and interiors, whereby Le Corbusier Wert often decided on colour schemes for his rooms without regard for the opinions of their occupants. Sherrie Levine selected these colour series as a starting point for her series of pictures with which the subtle effect of these precisely coordinated colours undergoes a contemporary reevaluation.
Jablonka Galerie is showing the colour series

Salubra 3, 2011
Oil on mahagony
14 pieces, 68.8 x 61 cm each