baby dragon 2 by pepe mar

Pepe Mar

Baby Dragon 2, 2013

cabeza de mujer sin mono by javier marin

Javier Marin

Cabeza de Mujer sin Mono, 2008

girl in a shiny dress, nyc by diane arbus

Diane Arbus

Girl in a Shiny Dress, NYC, 1967

old post office, broadway and park row by berenice abbott

Berenice Abbott

Old post office, Broadway and Park Row, 1938

ted sarkowski by george platt lynes

George Platt Lynes

Ted Sarkowski, ca. 1940

irises by robert mapplethorpe

Robert Mapplethorpe

Irises, 1987

one way or another by leslie wayne

Leslie Wayne

One Way or Another, 2002

las terenas by janet fish

Janet Fish

Las Terenas, 1988

maqueta caballos i, ii, iii (2av) by javier marin

Javier Marin

Maqueta Caballos I, II, III (2av), 2012

nu etude de torsion de corps by henri matisse

Henri Matisse

Nu Etude de Torsion de Corps, 1926

#182 working drawing by ingrid calame

Ingrid Calame

#182 Working Drawing, 2005

compromised by walton ford

Walton Ford

Compromised, 2000

hudson-baying-it by james bohary

James Bohary


earth by francesco clemente

Francesco Clemente

Earth, 2006

lyle by chuck close

Chuck Close

Lyle, 2003

palais garnier paris xxx by candida höfer

Candida Höfer

Palais Garnier Paris XXX, 2005