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Ted Gall, Sculptor & Michael Madzo, Painter

Ted Gall, Sculptor & Michael Madzo, Painter

the shape of forgotten desire by michael madzo

Michael Madzo

The Shape of Forgotten Desire, 2012

Price on Request

the origami proposal by ted gall

Ted Gall

The Origami Proposal, 2011

Price on Request

Friday, July 20, 2012Sunday, August 5, 2012

Santa Fe, NM USA

Opening Reception: Friday, July 20, 2012, 5-7 PM

The human condition may be one of confusion and pain, but it’s also magical and mysterious when examined via the fertile, sometimes surreal imaginations of sculptor Ted Gall and painter Michael Madzo. Each in his own way, these artists address questions about the nature of existence and personal identity through subtly humorous works that are as endearing and uplifting as they are mordant in their social commentary.

Ted Gall’s masterful creations in bronze and steel weave multiple story lines drawn from myth and legend, creating complex narratives that are as fluid and elusive as the medium is fixed and firm. These interactive sculptures feature masks that open to other masks, ultimately revealing faces that must contend with the multilayered reality swirling around them. Futuristic elements combine with ancient symbols to fuse past, present, and future into an almost dreamlike vision of the world in all its complexities.

“We all have some kind of mask, whether physical or emotional,” says Gall. “That’s why people can relate to my sculpture. I guide viewers somewhat, but let them create their own stories and interpretations of my work.”

In painter Michael Madzo’s beautifully realized collages, we see idealized landscapes peopled by figures engaged in off-beat situations and activities. Blending classical elements and techniques with these wryly wrought characters, he cuts apart his paintings and sews them back together with cotton thread to add structure and texture to the work. The effect is a cross between an unconventional jigsaw puzzle and a rescued family heirloom that’s been lovingly restored to wholeness.

“I’m attracted to odd shapes and forms,” says Madzo. “My paintings seem to be becoming more narrative. I think painting, and art in general, are about communicating aspects of the spiritual being in some form, like dreams do.”

The show continues through August 5, 2012.

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