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T. Barny and Gregory Frank Harris

T. Barny and Gregory Frank Harris

Friday, September 30, 2011Sunday, October 16, 2011

Santa Fe, NM USA

Opening Reception: Friday, September 30, 2011, 5–7 PM

Decades of dedication to their art and a reverence for light and form animate the work of sculptor T. Barny and Santa Fe painter Gregory Frank Harris, two artists whose creations, while decidedly contemporary, hint at the influence of classical masters.

T. Barny, who is celebrating 30 years as a sculptor of stone and bronze with the release of a book, Three Decades of Excellence, imbues his work with a lightness, grace, and fluidity that belie the industrial strength of his mediums. His finely honed edges, delicate patterning, and an ability to simplify a complex geometry result in sculptures that often elicit the question, “How did he make the material do that?”

Möbius strips of unbroken lines that snake and loop into seemingly impossible forms, custom patinas in sapphire and jade that elevate bronze to a new level of artistry, and a translucent quality to the delicately wrought stone pieces attest to Barny’s mastery of his materials and passion for creating beauty that is uplifting and satisfying. “I want people to explore the partnership of wonder that man and nature can create,” he says.

A self-taught Renaissance man whose passionate pursuit of art and music began in early childhood, the prolific Gregory Frank Harris has developed a style of painting that’s uniquely his own. Blending nineteenth-century Tonalism with twenty-first-century Abstraction—adding in a whiff of Impressionism and a touch of the representational as well—he crafts memorable landscape paintings, many of them of New Mexico, that exalt the sky and even the air itself as much as they do the topography.

Light and shadow, color and form, and the inherent geometric shapes of the physical world find sublime expression via Harris’ painstaking techniques. Starting with acrylics to form an underpainting of texture and tone, he applies oils on top, then uses a squeegee to create a kind of blurred effect, as if one were viewing the landscape from a moving vehicle. At once realistic and abstract, bursting with color yet subtle in their evocation of nature’s glories, these paintings communicate the ineffable qualities of the land and sky that have inspired artists and poets for centuries.

The show continues through October 16, 2011. Barny will sign copies of his book, Three Decades of Excellence, at the opening on September 30.

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